So who is Cameron Munro anyway?

Enough with the third person already. I am a 28 year old online media professional from Peterborough Ontario and I now reside in Toronto Ontario. I’m a Masters of Digital Media (MDM) holder and I’m genuinely interested in helping you establish your web presence.

Cam + digital media… how it all happened.

When I was 12 years old…I made my first website on Dragonball Z (a cartoon show). For a 12 year old developing a website which garnered 10,000 hits per month was quite the feat.

My passion for websites and Search Engine Optimization was born (SEO).

During my Bachelor of Business Administration (honours)… I actually paid my rent through Google Adsense earnings on a Go-kart hobby site I built. This site has had nearly 2 million hits to date. I still own this site today and collect my monthly cheques from Google… Pretty cool eh?

After my BBA…

I explored various projects including:

  • A Fitness based YouTube channel which has nearly 200,000 views.
  • I studied health and fitness at Mohawk college for a year.
  • I became Lead designer & online marketing consultant for TrentWorks a Peterborough / University student based initiative helping local businesses on their online marketing strategies, design and social media presence.
  • I started my own hosting company: HostExtra.net.
  • I started my own webdesign / marketing company: PersuaderMedia (Persuader.co)
  • I re-joined the local rowing team, lost 40 pounds and managed 2 silver medals at the Ontario Rowing Championships.


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